These formative stories chronicle the beginnings of the Birds of Prey team, as Oracle (the former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon) teams up with Catwoman, Black Canary and other female heroes of the DC Universe. First, Oracle must help Catwoman take down a ruthless Catwoman impersonator whom the duo had saved years before. Then, Black Canary invades Santa Prisca to stop a slavery ring but ends up helping overthrow the government. And Black Canary pursues a felon with secrets that could prove deadly to anyone daring to uncover them, which leads to a showdown with Lady Shiva. Collects BLACK CANARY/ORACLE: BIRDS OF PREY #1, BIRDS OF PREY: REVOLUTION #1, BIRDS OF PREY: MANHUNT #1-4, BIRDS OF PREY: WOLVES #1, BIRDS OF PREY: BATGIRL #1 and a story from SHOWCASE '96 #3.