My precccccious? Lurking in the dark, Gollum wants the one ring and he will do anything to get it. Display this perfectly designed Gollum statue as the minds behind the SFX in The Lord of the Rings have painstakingly spent over 400 hours to design create this hand-painted sculpture which measures 36 cm x 23 cm x 15 cm and weighs almost 1kg. SLIGHT TOE DEFECT (Minor crack in toe - contact for images. Can't tell when set in base - $429.95 down to $349.95) PLEASE NOTE: A LOT OF OUR STATUE COLLECTABLES ARE DISPLAYED IN SECURE GLASS CABINETS IN STORE AT CULT COLLECTABLES IN MORNINGTON. UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, OUR COLLECTABLES ARE IN PERFECT CONDITION AND COME IN THE ORIGINAL BOX WHICH HAS BEEN TAKEN CARE TO BE LEFT IN THE ORIGINAL CONDITION.