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Kotobukiya have crafted a stunning 1/6th Deadpool statue from their Marvel Now collection! The fourth-wall breaking Deadpool Super Statue shows depicts the antihero mid-leap and comes with highly detailed katanas, multiple guns, hand grenades, a fourth-wall break 'to be continued' flag and his trademark fuzzy red wig! Measures an enticing 17 inches (42cm) tall, this collectable Deadpool statue is made out of a unique sculptured PVC and is in multiple pieces which easily snap together which allows for perfect display and avoids any damage. A must for all Marvel fans and those who love Deadpool! PLEASE NOTE: MOST STATUES ARE DISPLAYED IN A SECURE CABINET AT CULT COLLECTABLES RETAIL STORE IN MORNINGTON, VICTORIA AND THEREFORE HAVE BEEN TAKEN OUT OF THEIR ORIGINAL BOX. THE STATUES ARE ALL KEPT IN PERFECT CONDITION AND ALL CARE IS TAKEN TO KEEP THE BOX IN AS GOOD A CONDITION AS POSSIBLE.